London’s largest private residence

London’s largest private residence: Team of artists and gilders. 3 year project.


Project proposal/ commission was to produce 24 floor to ceiling gilded glass panels and 48 square panels for the clients main dressing room. Specification was to produce a 18th c renaissance style drawing with scroll work, grotesque masks and foliage for the longer panels and a lion and eagle crest motif for the square panels. A detailed line drawing was produced and the drawing was then replicated onto the glass panels. 24 karat yellow loose leaf gold was applied to the main body of the drawing. A champagne gold leaf was used as a contrasting background to highlight the detailed design. The water gilding leaves a highly reflective mirror like appearance which was the main focus of the project. A protective foil backing was applied to the backs and the panels which were delivered to site and mounted to the column sections of the room.

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