Kew Palace. Grade 1 Listed

Project commissioned by: Historic Royal Palaces

Location: Kew

Brief: The project involved researching and recreating furniture from the period in which  Kew Palace was King George III‘s home . The original 18th century house accounts and itineraries were used to piece together the designs, colours and finishes of the original furniture. Titian Interiors worked closely with Historic Royal Palaces and historians assigned to the project, as well as fabric and carpet makers, upholsterers and wall paper experts. Drawings and colour samples were produced for the bedroom furniture including Queen Charlotte’s four poster bed and curtain pelmet and Princess Elizabeth’s bed and tester. All the colours were meticulously researched and mixed by hand and applied using the same techniques as an 18th century craftsman. The Palace is now open to the public and we are proud to have been part of a team recreating the atmosphere and original style of this remarkable Palace.