Annabel’s Private Club London

Anabelle’s Private Members club: Team of artists, craftsmen and women, specialist painters, wood workers.


The commission was making the architraves and panelling in a black gesso crackle. Canvas fabric was stretched over wood boards. Gesso was painted onto to the canvas and then smoothed to a glass finish. Black pigment colours were painted onto the white gesso and sanded to a smooth finish. Canvas was removed from the stretchers and gently moved to produce a crackle. The canvas was cut to fit the panels and door surrounds and stuck to the surface. This was fitted on site and then polished. We also produced eglomise glass wall panels for the bar and restaurants areas. Platinum leaf was used to produce a mirror finish but with the squares of leaf distressed for depth. The glass panels were fitted using a platinum water gilded moulding inserted in between each glass panel.